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Covid-19 Emergency 2020
Sunday Morning Virtual Coffee

As the lockdown continues, Sunday morning Virtual Coffee has become a regular thing: after the streamed service from the Mint, members and friends of the Mint meet over the internet to drink tea or coffee together.  We welcome anyone else who has been joining in the streamed services, too - wherever you are physically, we'll be pleased to see you virtually. 

The Virtual Coffee meeting will be open from 11am to 1pm each Sunday until further notice.  Below are some updated instructions for how to join us.  They aren't definitive, but they have enabled many people to join us.  We update the details of these instructions regularly, in the light of experience.  Major updates for Sunday 31st May are flagged as NEW.

Please let me know of anything you found difficult, and we'll try to update these instructions to help people avoid the problems.

Stephen Lea
updated 26th May 2020